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Statistics Says Over 65 Million Wiimotes Sold in the US

Written on October 26, 2010 by R. Cruise

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It’s all about the numbers. Nintendo claimed that Wii Remotes sold 65.3 million units in the US since it 2006 launch.

Gaming console giant Nintendo released a statistics saying that 65.3 million have been purchased in the US since its release last 2006. This number includes the 30.41 million included in system bundles plus the 12.92 million consoles which come together with bundles.

Among the four colors of the Wiimotes, the white model is the best seller. It garnered 18.56 million sales. The black Wiimote followed the ranking with 2.44 million units sold. Lastly, the pink and blue versions, released on Valentine’s Day 2010, have sold  467,500 and 465,200 units, respectively.

Unfortunately, these devices will no longer be available by November 7. It will now come as Wii Remote Plus which will be on sale for $40. Or get it bundled with for $50.

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