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Windows 8 and its Dilemma

Written on October 26, 2010 by Adam Eve

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"If Windows 8 comes out in two years, I think that's likely to happen, that many [enterprises] will be very suspect about migrating to the next release." ---Michael Silver, analyst at Gartner

According to some analysts, with ’s coming in two years, enterprises that are now in the midst of migrating to are unlikely to do the same work by 2012. Michael Cherry, an analyst of Directions on , said that talking up on 8 now might slow the momentum for 7.

Windows 7 already sold more than 240 million licenses, reaching a 17% usage share in just a year. But a three-year development cycle imposed by Microsoft can present problems to companies and consumers. Migration fatigue is one thing. Businesses are tired of shifting to fast-paced operating system upgrades, largely because not all applications may run on a new edition. Should Windows 8 be more of just a polishing release, Microsoft will have a hard time selling the upcoming OS to the enterprise.

Simply put, the company needs to be very careful not to stall Windows 7. This is a real dilemma that Microsoft is facing with Windows 8. Pushing the upcoming OS to a three-year development cycle, the company should be well into it by now. They have to lock down the Windows 8 features soon, in order to have ample time for development and testing.

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