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We Rule Quest Lands on App Store

Written on October 27, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Just as ngmoco recently updated GodFinger with the new All Stars mode, We Rule is getting a host of new features to enrich the game. Give being a medieval social gamer a shot with We Rule Quests.

is getting a host of new features to enrich the game, as gives extra structure to the medieval social game. It offers a series of adventure tasks for experience, gold, and a handful of exclusive decor. Most of these are social in nature, wherein you can visit other kingdoms to interact with their people. And the best shot here is that, there will be new every week so things will remain fresh.

Albeit in a new download, Quests includes all the We Rule original. It is in a free download, but gamers can use real-world cash to purchase the in-game currency (Mana). There are no words yet as to whether will also extend to -bound market.

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