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MySpace Becomes the New MTV

Written on October 28, 2010 by R. Cruise

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In order to survive, MySpace will relaunch its site, put more focus to music and entertainment plus target the young people.

, who is currently fighting to stay afloat in the dominance of Facebook and Twitter, is doing a major makeover on its image and website to attract the younger generation.

The site is a social-networking pioneer but lost its way this past few years. But with a hopeful mind, Myspace will be relaunching its site starting Wednesday. The will focus on music, videos and celebrity gossips.

MySpace CEO said that the path the site is taking “pulls us out of the social networking category.” To clearly understand this concept, MySpace will now be a place where people will go to check out the new music, television shows and movies.

If the relaunch is successful, MySpace can be compared to the standing experienced in the 90s.

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