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Top 20 Free Android Apps

Written on October 29, 2010 by GADG

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Android is takings its way to be part of an inidividual's everyday life. But no Android phone comes out without an app. Does your handset have one?

’s been around for quite some time now, and its amazing how developers were able to whip up some great . Whether a user is new to or already a pro searching for new tools, let’s put the apps that offer excellent functionality in the spotlight.

1. Seesmic
Twitter itself has launched its own brand of Android , but Seesmic is one of the best examples of app development there is today. Seesmic provides support for multiple accounts, a home page widget with your latest tweets, and a slick and professional design.

2. Facebook for Android
This fast and stable app has its simplicity that reminds you of Facebook in the old days. Facebook for Android allows users to communicate in almost real-time with its Inbox support.

3. AppBrain Market Sync
There really is no official way of installing from a PC. Good thing, there is the unofficial AppBrain application that enables users to queue up Market downloads from a PC to a mobile.

4. ASTRO File Manager
Albeit ASTRO is nothing more than a Windows-style file explorer, it makes your phone like a computer while making you in charge of it. So if you are into tinkering and installing Android APK files directly, it’s imperative that you have something like this on your phone.

5. Sky Map
Google Sky Map definitely makes Patrick Moore obsolete. Just point your phone to the sky, and you’ll be able to learn what constellations are visible tonight. It even works indoors if you’re wondering if you’re seeing UFO or it’s just Venus, and yet you don’t want to catch a cold.

6. FourSquare
Represented in a fine form on Android, FourSquare offers a one-click check ins, integrated Google Maps and a home page shortcut options to all your favorite places.

7. WordPress for Android
Started out as wpToGo, WordPress for Android is very feature-packed, offering its full integration with other apps. It lets you spin your content, and send it directly for easy updating.

8. Google Goggles
Google Goggles lets users take and have Google to analyze them. It comes back with a result of what it think you’re searching at. However, Google Goggles’ main purpose is a QR reader which lets you scan bar codes for a quick application access.

9. AppMonster
Monitoring and un-installing apps on Android can be daunting with a number of sub-screens to navigate. AppMonster is a decent application manager, and it also offers a one-click backup for all your apps to the SD card.

10. AppSaver
AppSaver generally lets you save your app install files to the SD card. That is, if you’re not a fan of Froyo.

11. Skyfire 2.0
The Skyfire browser supports Flash content and detects if there’s something like an embedded YouTube video. The process is simple: The actual Flash stuff is handled by Skyfire’s server, then it sends the file to your handset. It can be a bit clunky on slower Android phone though. But it surely works like a dream on some.

12. Task Manager
If you are a hardcore PC user and you find closing Android apps to be cumbersome, the Task Manager is for you. It is a good manual override tool that shuts any persistent apps, helping you save battery life. And most of all, it gives you the feeling of empowerment over your stuff.

13. Swype
Though the only way to install Swype is via direct download from the maker, this app can be a genius with its advanced prediction options. Just a little re-learning is required. But once you got the idea, you are all set.

14. Evernote
Evernote is one of the best solutions there is if you want to keep all your ‘business’ in one place. It enables you to stash and sync all of your voice memos, text notes and files on phone. And you can access all of it through a desktop.

The free thrills of open up a world of music streaming on your mobile. You just have to ‘buy in’ to the odd way of organizing things in this app. But if you are not restricted by bandwidth, this can be a superb free music tool.

16. Google Maps Navigation
The Google Maps Navigation offers a turn-by-turn voice navigation and route calculations. It minimizes data transfer and keeps you on target even when the GPS signal drops. And the best news here is that Google Maps Navigation comes for free.

17. Meebo IM
If you’re fond of letting the time fly by sending emoticons and abbreviations with your pals through instant messaging, the Meebo IM is for you. It incorporates AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, ICQ and more in one convenient interface.

18. Secrets
Secrets is a secure, KeePass-compatible vault for all of your passwords. And it is definitely convenient whenever you encounter the “What’s my password again?” moments.

19. TasKiller Free

It is a free app-killing utility that works with just a single click. However, this should be used as a last resort. Because shutting down apps willy-nilly can turn off alarms, kill background syncing, and more unintended consequences.

20. Shopper
Shopper is very accurate when it comes to picking up both bar codes and simple cover shots. According to a developer, it actually uploads captured image data to Google servers and decodes bar codes right on your phone. This is ideal for shoppers who are always looking the same item, but with cheaper price tag.


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