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Top Six iPhone Accessories for Kids

Written on October 30, 2010 by R. Cruise

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The children, dubbed as the new gadget-loving generation, can add little twist to their iPhone and iPod Touch with these fun and unique accessories.

According to a Duracell Toy Report, many kids are writing down and iPod on their Christmas lists. It is a clear sign that children would not like to be left out when it comes to . If your child have an or your child is fond of borrowing your , add a little flair on your by purchasing these accessories.

1. Woogie

Use this cuddly toy to child-proof your iPhone. Woogie is equipped with speakers, a screen protector and plushy limbs to cushion the device.  Cost: $19.99

2. Buzz Lightyear iDance

Let your kid dance with Buzz of Toy Story as the robot speaks pre-programmed phrases and play the music when you hooked up your on the speakers. Cost: $39.99

3. MyPhones

With these earphones, you don’t have to worry about loud sounds harming your child’s delicate hearing. These headphones are designed with automatic volume minimizer and comes in three colorful caps. Cost:  $39.99

4. iHome Portable Speaker Case

This case keeps your iPhone protected when you let the younger ones borrow your . It has shoulder straps which guard the phone against careless handling. It has also splash-proff design for the screen. Cost: $79.99

5. iHome Desk Organizer, Lamp and Speaker

It is a good way to teach your kids about cleanliness. This desk has organizer to hold school supplies, lamp for illumination and speakers for the iPod Touch. Cost: $29

6. Seat Buddy

Keep the toddlers busy on long road or air journey by strapping the Seat Buddy against the car or airplane seat. The Seat Buddy holds the iPhone and iPod securely in place. Cost: $20, or two for $30

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