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The Top 20 Android Games Offered for Free

Written on October 31, 2010 by GADG

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Make your Android life more exciting with these fun and exciting games which can be downloaded absolutely free. Don't be left behind, download these games now!

Do you believe that you can find gem within the junk? It is the same case you will encounter in finding fun and enjoyable Android games in the many options available.  A bonus treat? You don’t have to shed money off your pockets. Find in the list below games that you should to your phone right away.

1. Angry Birds
This game flew from iOS to Android and earned two million downloads in an instant. Any user can download it for free from at the Android Market.

2. Replica Island
Keep your trackball moving with this game. Go to the different level with ease by changing the direction with either the ball or the d-pad.

Be a mole in this game and dig your way into the ground. Collect gems, level up your digging powers and buy more tool to go through this game.

4. Drop
Either it is a actually a game or a tech demo, Drop is an exciting game to play by simply tilting your phone to let the little bouncy to fall on the gaps in the game platform.

It is a gem-shuffling game which becomes a complex challenge as the levels progress. It can be downloaded for free plus it also features a Nintendo badge at the price of £19.99.

6. OpenSudoku

It is an open source game portal which will let you play sudoku even for the rest of your life.

7. Air Control
Air traffic controller is a common theme among Android games. What makes Air Control different? It is ad-supported so it means it can be downloaded free of charge.

8. The Red Stone
Red Stone is considered the one of the best and hardest square-shuffling games on Android. The goal is to set free the ‘King’ square by rearranging the positions of the blue ‘pawn’ squares.

9. Newton
Newton is a game which involves principles of math and physics. You need to shot targets while overcoming laws of nature. Its developer is still in the process of adding levels to it. Newton is offered for free so better get it now.

10. Sketch Online
Sketch Online is a sociable guessing games for Android users of all ages. Users doodle little drawings and battle to correctly guess what is being drawn.

11. Frozen Bubble
For sure you have done this a million times before, firing gems to let similarly colored-games disappear. But it is still challenging, so why not download Frozen Bubble now.

12. Jewels
The rule is the same, male larger groups of gem and make them disappear. The strategy might be familiar to you but the presentation is different.

It is good and addicting. Gravitum involves tilting a red ball pass the obstacles and preventing green balls from rolling off the screen.

It is time to get your skills in chemistry with this game. All you need to do is match up elements and create the latest chemical concoctions.

15. !
This game is similar to the popular game Doodle Jump. Abduction! is a jumping game that is easy to play with because of the easy access accelerometer controls.

16. Brain Genius Deluxe
This game is very much resembles the fame NIntendo Brain Training franchise. Start playing this game and go on with your the so-called ‘brain training.’

17. GalaxIR
It is a free and independent Android game which lets you from your space troops and attack an alien fleet.

Players control three cute pots to harvest flying potatoes.  Be careful though not to catch the rotten potatoes which can be fatal.

Be a bartender for a day. Make men drink, play games and have their skin inked. The routine speed up and that where it becomes insane and hard.

20. Word Feud
Word Feud is a relative of Scrabble and before its developer unveils a pad version of this, better have it downloaded now.

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