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Yahoo Release The Zombie Game “Shambling Hordes”

Written on November 02, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The zombie invasion made our mind go crazy. We love zombies. These creatures are creepy and scary but definitely good fighters. First there is Resident Evil, then Plants VS Zombies and now Yahoo's very own Shambling Hordes. Let the zombies teach you economics.

is making your Halloween special. The company just rolled out a cool in time for the season. Whatelse but a that will not juts creep you out but will teach you the principles of economics. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the . Developed by the great minds behind Labs (especially David Reiley, John Morgan and the research engineering team at ). The game was created simply because zombies are cool and creepy individuals.

It works as the player being the warlord leading the shambling horde of zombies. You will try to capture one another’s headquarters. The battle is divided into three parts. You will win if you survive two of the three fights. You will also use a huge amount of strategy.

According to Yahoo, the game play is “grounded in some classical economics and game theory that should be familiar to anyone who’s had a finite amount of anything (budget, advertising dollars, even candy) that they had to spread around in a competitive environment.”

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