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Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals on Facebook

Written on November 03, 2010 by GADG

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A Free Online RPG game directly play into your Facebook account. Square Enix release 2 new game from Facebook "Chocobo's Crystal Tower" and "Knights of the Crystals".

When I was a kid I use to played several RPG games from Squaresoft (), one of my favorite character through the whole Series was the Chocobos. is a big yellow bird which used as a transport vehicle like a horse in the series of (if you recall the game Chocobo’s Dungeon 1 and 2). Square Enix has release Chocobo’s Crystal Tower yesterday on . The game is in beta test where you breed Chocobos, feed them, equip an item, fight some monster and go on an adventure quest. Its an interesting game which I think it will hit on all Chocobo fans.

Also in the release of “Chocobo’s Crystal Tower” another that Square Enix release it is called “”, an a RPG game like Final Fantasy Series which do the usual routine to level up the characters and fight the monsters. Try both games for free and see if it worth the time to play this on Facebook.

Click here to Play Knights of the Crystals Tower for Free

Click here to Play Chocobo’s Crystal Tower for Free



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