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ASUS G73Jw in a Twist

Written on November 04, 2010 by Adam Eve

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With upgrades happening here and there, the ASUS G73Jw is not an exception. Adapting some features from ASUS G73Jh, the new Jw version is definitely a twist of notebook components for the users.

Available upgrades are just around the corner, and the twist is also available in ’s . It keeps most of the features from G73Jh, and adds a few treats. So what’s new with ? The upgraded version now includes a USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, i7-740QM, GeForce GTX 460M, and a Blu-ray combo drive.

The addition of USB 3.0 is definitely a big bullet item, involving some tweaks to the motherboard layout to accommodate the additional chip. The 740QM CPU upgrade is also nice, while the remaining changes are courtesy of the GPU switch. Only the GeForce 400 series supports HDMI 4.1 together with the AMD 6800 cards. The HDMI 4.1 is very useful if you’re a fan of 3D output. The only skeptical part in the GPU upgrade is whether the GTX 460M is, in any way, better than the HD 5870.

But with the changes that have been made, one thing remains the same. The price. You can have the ASUS G73Jw for $1675, though it can be back-ordered in many resellers. The added cost is pretty much due to the BRD combo drive and a slightly faster CPU. But beyond that, the G73 remains a great gaming notebook. It’s fast and runs generally cool and quiet. Furthermore, the stealth bomber look is something fresh with all the glossy plastic notebooks floating around

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