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From iTunes to Album Cover

Written on November 05, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Feeling a bit incomplete because some of the albums you downloaded from iTunes lack artworks? Fortunately, Gadg learned the technique to get the most-coveted album covers.

Artwork is something that defines an artist’s music plus it is key factor to keep your music collection organized. Though downloads from usually come with an artwork, better have the idea fill up the missing gaps on your music library.

Retrieve the Album Artwork

There are various ways to get images from iTunes but the simplest way is to select the track and then manually add it. Just drag or paste the artwork of your choice from the ‘Artwork’ box.

Filter Your Artless Tunes

It will surely take a long time to run through your entire library and find the albums without artwork. Luckily, iTunes10 has a new filter tool which can help you gather these albums. Start by making a playlist which searches for ‘has artwork’ and ‘is false.’ Rename this playlist to ‘No artwork.’

Searching Out of iTunes

This will take quite sometime because you will need to manually add the album artwork. The ideal image size is 500×500 pixels. Image Search and Wikipedia offer decent images. You can use tools like GimmeSomeTune, TuneUp and Artwork Gofer.

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