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Could Apple Hit the 48 Million iPad Mark?

Written on November 09, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Analysts are saying that Apple will ship 48 million units of iPad in 2011. Is this data an exaggeration or a fact?

According to experts, will likely to ship 45 to in the coming year and possibly a creation of 2 due to the high demand. But if this data is analyzed deeply, is it really achievable?

Here are the three factors that will contribute to accomplish the target of 48 million iPad in 2011.

1. These days, are dominating the . There are predictions that netbook will reach 35 to 40 million unit market in the coming year. Instead, there should be flat sales for for iPad market to reach 48 million. This can happen but not in an instant.

2. To cover a wider bracket of consumers, iPad need to lower its prices at $500 or maybe create a sub-$500 model. There are rumors before that a 7-inch iPad is on the work, so maybe this will likely make the price lower.

3. tablets is set to launched but Apple is not threatened at all with this event. This is an edge for Apple in their aim for the 48 million iPads sold.

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