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Epic Games and Id Software’s Exciting iOS Games

Written on November 09, 2010 by Charles Bass

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This game will surely cause jolt in your heart out of excitement. The new iOS games brought by Epic Games and Id Software is a sure hit among gamers. Hop on to the trailer video and see the battle unfold right in front of you.

We became witnesses of the Games and ’s game engines for the devices. But that would not be enough, included here is the first look on the actual games that will use this engines. The first of the few chosen ones is the TV by Id. This will cost $0.99 for the standard version while a dollar up for the Retina Display version. But impressed gamers more with their which was the counterpart of Unreal Engine 3 based “.” It is somehow different because it is a brand mixture of Karateka, Dragon’s Lair and Punch-Out.

Unfortunately, Mutant Bash TV has no demo videos to share but a screen shot is provided.

Epic Games, on the other hand, provided the Infinity Blade Debut Trailer:

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