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[REVIEW] Call of Duty: Black Ops

Written on November 11, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Being the Goliath that it is, Call of Duty is definitely one of the highest selling video games there is. With tons of content that a gamer will surely enjoy, Gadg can't help itself but to share a review.

Call of the Duty is the video game giant. It has sold millions of copies, catapulting from a World War 2 shooter to a multi-player playground we’ve known today. takes much of the Modern Warfare 2 and slightly modifies it. You’ll start as a soldier, named Alex Mason, being interrogated for information that you can’t recall. You’ll play through Mason’s memories, with a plot that seems to bogged down and slightly dismantled at the middle. is not just a linear game, though it sometimes feels like it’s in autopilot. More over, the artificial intelligence of both your allies and foes is pretty poor. There are also some design setbacks, like the game-ending bug in the first level that will make you restart the whole mission. But be that as it may, the campaign that Call of Duty presents is the best of all the series.

The inclusion of CoD points make Black Ops’ most significant departure from Modern Warfare 2. Earning points and leveling are acquired through handling big stuffs, and everything else is bought through CoD points. If you’re totally new to Call of Duty, you might find the new system to be overwhelming. But you’ll find it pretty cool once you get your head around it. When you level up, you’re handed with 1,000 CoD points, making you spend on whatever you please. However, once you buy a perk, there’s no turning back. The new point system does leads you to higher level of customization in Black Ops, though.

The new Wager Matches emphasizes the importance of CoD points. Being thrown inside the Wager Match will take you a whooping 500 CoD points on a standard buy-in. So if you’re a newbie, build up your skills first before wagering. To help you stash up your CoD points, a contract system was included in the game. You invest a small amount of points, then try to complete an objective in exchange of a big chunk of dough.

Once you get into a match, the level design is well though of and it features dynamic elements that varies each time you play. New and cool perks were also added, while the tactical nuke is nowhere to be found. The best thing here is that you can capture all of the action through Black Ops’ new theater system. It enables you to clip out the good stuff, and share it with all of your buddies. The only hiccup here is that you have to upload your clips to rather to any video sharing site.

As an overall package, Call of Duty: Black Ops is great, with tons of contents to enjoy. The multi-player mode that was largely based on Modern Warfare 1 and 2, blends well with Treyarch’s additional twists. Though there are some issues withstanding, Black Ops can be the best Call of Duty game that you’ll ever see.

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