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Firefox Tweaks to Move Your Cache

Written on November 14, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Moving your cache files into a RAM disk can improve your page load times. And while some tips on how to do just that is not new, it turns out that Firefox has this feature built in.

Tips on how to move your files to a is no longer brand new. But knowing that has this features built-in, that is something many users did not know. A computer can access data in faster than on hard drives. Thus moving your data to can eke out more speed out of your . Interested? Here’s how you can turn it on.

Start by opening about:config. Then on the filter bar, type browser.cache. After that, search for browser.cache.disk.enable and set to it “false”, followed by switching your browser.cache.memory.enable to “true”. When all is done, click anywhere and hit New to create another preference. Call the preference browser.cache.memory.capacity and click OK. In the next window, type in the number of kilobytes you want to assign to the cache, or just input -1 to enable Firefox to determine the cache size.

Go try this on your Firefox. And when you’re done giving it a spin, don’t forget to share your findings.

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