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An Avalanche of Competitors for Apple’s iPad

Written on November 15, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Though Apple's iPad has a big share in the tablet market, the search for an alternative tablet device is growing. After the iPod and iPhone killers, will there be an iPad killer soon?

After announced that demand for their Slate had “exceeded expectations,” it has now leaked out that the company only planned to build 5,000 units, but ended catering out 9,000 Slates. However, compared to ’s that sold 46,555 units every day over the last quarter, a total run of 9,000 is not really viewed by analysts as “exceeding expectations”.

Apple’s release of iPad made HP go back to the drawing-room, while other Windows PC makers either abandoned their slate offering or searched for alternative platforms. But HP announced that they will be offering their 500 to the business customers this summer. They intend to skip the consumer market until a webOS can be delivered.

The search for alternative tablet-shaped products to compete with iPad has generated an intense interest in the industry. Still, the iPad left Apple with a 95% share of the tablet market. While initial complaints says that iPad is like an iPod gone big, a variety of mini and jumbo phones are now filling a niche between standard-sized smartphones and the iPad. A series of tablet devices are coming, and it is much like a line of models that were made as an iPod killer in 2002 and iPhone killers in 2007.

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