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German Artists Build the ‘Stromfresser’

Written on November 17, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Intriguing pieces of art were constructed by two German artists. They named the installations “power eater” and “tower of consumption.” Could these artworks define the fusion of art and technology?

In the arrival of  modern age, and become intertwined entities. From time to time, there are artworks which catches the attention of people. In this occasion, two German artists built a fortress like no other.

The artists named and Esa Ott created the installations called ‘Stromfresser’ and “.” It was built using 312 refrigerators.The word ‘stromfresser’ literally means “.” On the other hand, the “” is  totally plugged in and its electrical consumption is measured by means of a power meter.

When asked about their inspiration, Schmerberg said that, “We are playing with this fetish that we think we have a better life if we use better electronic devices — it’s totally bull****.” Well, actually Ralf, if we lived in that thing — and if you were to replace a few of the existing refrigerators with a tricked-out kegerator fridge, an HDTV fridge and a boombox fridge — life would be pretty dang sweet.”

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