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Letting Your Kinect Sense Your Gestures

Written on November 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Wii revolutionized video games with its motion-sensitive controller. Now, Microsoft has one-upped Nintendo by getting rid of the controller completely. Just set up your Kinect, wave, and have fun.

As what the tag line says: With , you are the controller. It lets you interact personally to your console as it allows you to play games using your arms, legs and body. Simply put, lets your whole body in the game. So how does Microsoft work? The answer is in its .

The Kinect has a motion that tracks your entire body. As you play, it creates your digital skeleton based on depth data. So when you move, the will capture it and put you in the game. But the key on how to effectively let your Kinect sense your gesture is not on the movements that you make, but on how you place your .

The sensor must be placed between two to six feet off the floor, and it must be centered with your TV. Basically, the higher it is placed, the better. Make sure that there is no direct sunlight on the sensor or you, and do not place it in front of speakers or near things that has a tendency to vibrate or make noise. Remember: Kinect sensors need to see your entire body. The area between the sensor and the player must be cleared, and the user must stand back between six feet (one player) to eight feet (two players). Make sure that the space is at least six feet wide, bur not wider or longer than 12 feet. Further more, ensure an even lighting in the room.

When you’re done, just connect all the wires and you’re ready to navigate. Start by waving your hand so that the sensor can see you. Moving your hand motions the pointer on the screen. If you want to select an item, just hold your hand over it until the ring completes. More gesture are available in the Kinect Guide. All you have to do is hold your left arm out and down to bring up the Kinect Guide.

Controller-free gaming means playing using you whole body. So if you have to kick, then kick. If you need to jump, then jump. All you have to do now is get off the couch. Just make sure that you’ll use every parts of your body, and stand where the sensor can see you clearly.


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