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Scrutinizing Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD

Written on November 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD is a low-priced display that works as either a PC monitor or HD TV. And it is is ideal for gamers, PC users and those looking for small display unit that can also supply good quality programming.

The is a 23-inch screen that works as either a or . The display is small enough for PC work, but can also be used as a small TV for bedroom. It provides HD viewing for crisp pictures, and is 2.6 inches deep with a sleek design. It also have a glossy black bezel that adds some style to the plain .

One of the main characteristics of the Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD is its array of terminals at the back, on the lower right hand corner of the LCD monitor. The inputs include two HDMI ports, a USB port, an optical audio port, a headphone jack and Ex-link port, component and composite inputs, and a coaxial antenna input. The screen’s main area at the back has four connections used for wall-mounting.

The Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD offers nifty picture modes for movies, gaming, sports and many more. The sound quality is also pretty good. And with all that a customer can get, a price tag of £234 can be reasonable. The LCD monitor is ideal for PC gamers and users who are looking for a small display unit that can provide good quality programming.

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