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Move Over Angry Birds, The Smurfs are Here

Written on November 18, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Angry Birds fly away from the top spot as blue miniature creatures called The Smurfs come into the limelight.

is kicked out of the top spot. The are here. The once top billed and most popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, steps down of the its throne. Capcom’s ’ Village now reigns as the best game platform.

’ Village is a game where player control a group of smurfs. If you are not familiar with , they are the blue creatures made popular by comics and 1980s cartoons. Players need to build houses, grow crops and interact with other smurfs in the villages. This game resembles Farmville in many ways.

Wonder why smurfs suddenly becomes a top-grossing game? It is offered for free! No need to shed bucks to play this game. Players just need to own any device and be on a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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