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Philo Creates a 3D Scanner Out of Lego

Written on November 19, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Lego is indeed the most ingenious toy ever created. If not because of Lego, Philo will not be able to create a 3D Scanner that produces accurate model from objects swiped by a laser.

The 3D scanning is getting easier and easier every week. But this week, a guy named managed to build a out of a few custom parts and a pile of bricks. constructed an earlier version of his 3D scanner last year, but he took his recent work to the next level by adding lasers.

Objects to be scanned are placed on top of a small platform. Then a device created by Philo will sweep the laser over the object, and a webcam feeds all of the information into the David laser scanner software. The software then will produce a 3D LDraw files for creating Lego parts out of the model. With this very ingenious invention, all that Philo needs to do is contact the makers of and the reproduction of this 3D scanner can begin.

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