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Rounding Up your Room for the New Kinect

Written on November 19, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Playing Kinect is all about movements. Remove obstructions along the way and be ready to keep on moving with this new game console from Nintendo. Good thing here at Gadg, a to-do list is already prepared for you.

You finally got hold of the new . You excitedly went home thinking of giving it a try. Wait a minute! Remember that is far more different than the usual console. The old gives you the plug and play option. But with , it is about gestures and body movements. Just like Wii and PS Move, is a motion controlled game console. Speaking about movements, using the requires players to have a wide playing field.

First things first. Where do you want to play your Kinect? You have many options: living room, the den or your bedroom. As you make your decision, get also a playing mat just in case you do not want to move around on bare floor. After deciding where to play, start rearranging furnitures that may hinder your movements.

To make things easy for you, Gadg come up with a list of the factors you should consider before you get started with playing the Kinect:

• The room of your choice should be clear of breakable objects you could run into during game play. Accidents should be prevented at all times.

• Feel the floor surface of the room if it is applicable for rapid foot movements. Avoid wearing socks on hardwood floors to prevent slipping. If the floor surface is slippery, place a rug or a mat to cushion your movements.

• Put proper illumination on the room. If the source of light is limited, better place it near the place where the person playing the video game is positioned.

• Place the game console in a location which is not on direct contact with the sunlight. Kinect uses IR Sensory and this must not be exposed to bright lights.

• If possible, make your room sound-proof. Kinect works with voice command and sound distractions are not good while playing.

Few other reminders, allot a space of six feet between you and the Kinect plus four feet on each side. Keep the game console close to the television set. Put small objects away from the microphone and camera. It is also applicable to plug Kinect to a 29-inch television.

If you got all these things ready, prepare yourself for the ultimate experience!


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