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Seven Reasons to Love Windows Phone 7

Written on November 22, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is already playing its part in the smartphone arena, and its seems like the handset have so much to offer. What are the reasons why people love the new mobile device?

Many consumers and enthusiasts stated that can be the next iPhone and Adroid Phone killer. That is why if flops, it is certainly not due to lack of trying. Here are the seven reasons why Microsoft should be proud, and why users must be intrigued with the new line of handsets.

1. Multiple Here and There

Microsoft offers its potential market with a tad full of choices. For one, Microsoft has unleashed nine Windows Phone 7 from four different manufacturers, and it can carry varying data plans from multiple carrier. But the best thing here is that the Windows Phone 7 were already available in 30 different countries.

2. Microsoft Office On the Go

Most people uses Microsoft Office products. With Windows Phone 7, the Microsoft Office is naturally integrated into the device. With the addition of Microsoft Exchange, the handsets from Microsoft can be more of a lure to the business people.

3. No Copycat Case for the UI

The hub-based tiled user interface in Windows Phone 7 doesn’t look like any other mobile OS. And instead of searching for a particular application to accomplish something, the whole home screen can be customized in any way the user likes. All that a Windows Phone 7 owner needs to do is pin a contact, photo, web page, app or anything to the home screen.

4. Spooky Cool Tiles

The star of the user interface is the Live Tiles. Images in the tiles will move all of a sudden, and it can be spooky but cool. The Live Tiles are what a user will see initially when going to the homescreen. It can be added or removed on the fly, and can be re-arranged based on personal preference.

5. Capturing the Moment Fast

Windows Phone 7 has an excellent and a very well-thought camera interface. A scene that’s been demanding for a snapshot can be taken with the handset’s dedicated camera key. All it needs is a long press and it will go straight to the camera app for a candid capture. Unlike the iPhone and most phones, a user needs to wake the phone up, unlock the screen, then locate the camera. By the time the phone gets into a shooting mode, the opportunity has passed.

6. U-Verse Subscription Service

Although has iTunes and a complete set of video, a subscription service is more suitable for mobile devices. The Windows Phone 7 provides access to all AT&T U-verse content for a monthly fee. However, pricing and other details are not yet available. But for the home U-Verse subscriber, service is available through Windows Mobile for no extra charge.

7. Lower Price Tag

A Windows Phone 7 houses a 3.5-inch-plus screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon engine, 16 GB of built-in memory, a 5MP camera, HD video recording, integrated Mobile Office, multi-player Xbox Live gaming, U-Verse subscription video for only $200. Though it’s not that cheap, it’s not that expensive either.

If you happen to own one of the Windows Phone 7 available in the market, do not forget to share why you love your new handset at the comment.


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