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Will Google Close the Deal with Miramax?

Written on November 23, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Google is branching out once again by making a move to buy the digital rights of Miramax. If this happens, movies will be streamed via YouTube.

As TV starts to lose its programming, published a news which said that the search engine giant is set to purchase the digital right of the whole back catalogue.

The said deal is not officially done yet. The negotiation between Google and Farmyard Holding is still pushing through. On the other hand, Miramax is still considered a Disney property until December 10.  There were also reports speculating that is interested to buy the digital rights of the 700+ movie catalogue for its movie Instantly program.

If Google wins this deal, the movies will be streamed on which is part of a plan to divert traffic to the site.

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