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Remedy for the iOS 4.2 Music Bug

Written on November 24, 2010 by R. Cruise

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After jumping into the iOS 4.2 update bandwagon, you found out your music collection gone. What the heck? Gadg got the problem solved so better read on.

Getting an update is an exciting thing to do. Surely, when you came to know about the iOS update, you instantly sync your , or into it. iOS 4.2 is a good enhancement but it brought along a bug which makes playlists disappear for no reason at all. Many users encountered this problem which after doing the update, a message saying “No Content” appears on the screen.

A tech writer named MG Siegler finally uncovered the solution for this problem. To bring back the hidden files, plug in your Apple device into the computer, open your iTunes and play a song and then resync. See your album collections return to its original location.

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