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Top 5 Coolest Kinect Hacks

Written on November 26, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Microsoft's intentional act of leaving the Kinect's USB port open paved the way for hackers to manipulate the device to do anything they want---from being a Jedi to shadow puppetry.

The hacking community is going crazy over . admitted that they intentionally left the console’s USB port open. Hackers saw this as an opportunity to plug in their computers and explore more the capabilities of the device.

Maybe Microsoft was thinking that instead of putting money on research and development of Kinect, they better rely on the skills of nerds spending endless hours on their bedrooms tinkering new . This is a smart move for the company in order to uncover the next best thing in Kinect .

Enough of the long talks now, Gadg gathered the best and the made in the span of three weeks after the release of the device.

Kinect Lightsaber

Watch as the man turn an ordinary wooden stick to real-looking Lightsaber. Experience how it feels to be a Jedi without going to the outer space. This hack somewhat coincides with the recent demo play of Star Wars games at E3 2009.

Digital Creation

The hack not only allow users to create unique images but also make them move. The creator used a “Box Cloud” app which recognizes distance data collected by Kinect’s cam and renders them to become neon cubes. For more interactive control, user can use iPad to move the cubes from side to side, or to zoom in or out.

Kinect Demos Object Recognition

The demonstration seems repetitive but the deed of incorporating a recognition software into a Kinect is awesome. Maybe next time, the Kinect can detect more than toys and animals.

Animation Imitates Hand Gestures

This act of hackery is a genius. Watch as a simple animation moves according to the hand gestures made by a person. It is a modern version of hand and shadow puppetry.


Since the Kinect is equipped with an eye camera which can sense movement, Personal Robots Group at MIT built an iRobot Create which detects its tracks and send the signals back to a computer. For now, it looks like a hi-tech vacuum cleaner but when improved, it can become a tool to locate missing objects.


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