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iPad, to Lead Tablet Distribution of PCs in 2011

Written on November 29, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Reports from a variety of analysts predict a huge increase in tablet computer sales next year, with Apple's iPad accounting for the largest number sold by far. What implications can these predictions produce for Apple's competitors?

A prediction from analysts at Citigroup, FBR Capital Markets and Gartner reveals that next year’s sales of will be led by . Citigroup estimates that 35 million tablets will ship in 2011, with ’s representing three-quarters of the total sale. Craig Berger of FBR Capital Markets pointed out that Apple will sell 40 million next year, and that other manufacturers will manage to distribute 30 million units.

Apple’s sales of iPad is cutting into PC makers’ profit margins, including its own. Of course, the company enjoys the stoutest revenue line, but it warns the public about the more aggressive prices on upcoming products. By hoisting the economic scale in building millions of iPods and iPhones, Apple can sell its for less. It can be very affordable — an amount that competitors can’t afford to sell their device.

Meanwhile, rival PC makers are left to utilize Microsft’s Windows 7, which is not fitting for a Tablet PC market before. Galaxy Tab is already offering ’s OS, while RIM and HP have decided to build their own iOS competitors. But will these competitors ever weather the iPad storm brought by Apple?

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