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What’s New with Google Earth 6?

Written on November 30, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Google has just announced the newest update on Google Earth. Introducing Google Earth 6! This version updates the previous version with new twist which includes Integrated Street View. That's right, this is a collaboration of both platforms into one. Hop on to the demo to see how it changes everyone's street life.

surprised everyone with . The latest version is available today for OS X, Windows and Linux, respectively. This update includes the . This means the Street View experience is now fully integrated into . Pegman (the little guy that represents your Street View position) is now docked along the navigators. He launches Street View just like what he does on .

The trees are also present in this upgrade. Prior to this, Google Earth has supported buildings for some time, it is just recently that Google redefined the environment. The add-ons allow those using the walking navigations to take direct paths and not walk on trees.

The presence of the Better Historical Imagery is also another stunning addition to Google Earth 6. It allows the users to look at map views of times like Warsaw in 1935, London in 1945 and Port-au-Prince Haiti before and after the January earthquake. This feature was added in Google Earth 5 but the new upgrade gives it a clearer view of places and objects.

This one is a consummate overhaul for Google Earth. You’re going to love this upgrade. If you’re still not convinced, maybe this demo video will change your mind:

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