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Category: Hardware

AMD Phenom Speeds Up to 7GHz

Written on December 01, 2010 by Adam Eve

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An over clocking event in Brazil has achieved remarkable results, with an AMD Phenom II X4 975 CPU coaxed to speeds of over 7GHz. Thanks to the liquid nitrogen-based coolant.

The quad-core chip, II X4 975 CPU, was pushed to an overall speed of 7.134GHz in an Overclocking event in Brazil. The chip naturally runs at a frequency of 3.6GHz, with an 18x clock multiplier. But using a HTT frequency of 226.49MHz and a 31.4 CPU multiplier, the was pushed to over 7GHz. The team from XtremeSystems Forums used an Asus Crosshair IV motherboard, with an AMD 890FX chipset and a powerful liquid nitrogen-based cooling system. It is an impressive feat, but using a liquid nitrogen for coolant are somewhat impractical for a day-to-day use.

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