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What to Expect at CES 2011?

Written on December 04, 2010 by R. Cruise

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The figures of CES 2010 are outstanding: Exhibitors: 40,418, Attendees: 9,514 and Press: 4.768. Looking at these numbers, the annual International CES is truly one great event that no one should miss.

Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) is the company behind International CES. CEA is a trade association which aims to promote growth in the field of consumer . It organized the first CES in New York City in June of 1967 which was participated by 200 exhibitors and about 17,500 attendees. All the proceeds of the event go to industry services like training, education, researches and other advocacies.

Since it birth in the 60‘s, CES became a sought-after event every year. For 2011, CES will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 6-9. Take a look of the things that people should expect at this annual trade event.

  1. Just like last year, there are surely more that would make its debut at CES. Major to small manufacturers will not miss this opportunity to present their respective products.
  2. Tegra 2 phones and tablets might make its first appearance. There are leaks coming every now and then; CES maybe the its final pit stop.
  3. Sweet offerings like Gingerbread and Honeycomb are likely to be showcased at CES as well. These operating systems are the talk of the town lately.
  4. If the rumors are true, Verizon and its 4G network services are also making its maiden appearance at CES.
  5. The announcement about HTC Merge/Droid Incredible might be finalized at CES. Recent leaks about this products kept on coming, so CES will likely to put an end to it.
  6. Could be the next be the scene stealer at CES? There are speculations but no one can really tell.


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