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More Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy Info Uncovered

Written on December 07, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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The first Dissidia was impressive even beyond the confines of Final Fantasy fan-service, but as we inch closer to the second installment, can Dissidia 012 live up to the standards the first one have set? And what is this Action mode and RPG mode?

Dissisia 012: Final Fantasy answers the question “How everything started?” as we follow the back story of the war between the 2 divine beings of the game, Chaos and Cosmos, and perhaps patch up some plot points. And as we figure out why the battle has been going on beyond mortal comprehension, new modes, new interfaces, and new characters have been recently revealed to us budding players.

Dissidia 012 ultimately will have 2 modes of choice, Action and RPG. Action is your standard gameplay with all the normal character controls, RPG mode on the otherhand allows an AI to control your character’s movements, giving the player more time to focus on their attacks and combinations. Despite this mode having its cons, RPG mode seems to be a unique combat experience meshing old style Final Fantasy ATB based fights and button-mashing brawlfest.

The 2D overworld map will be a thing of the past also as Dissidia 012 upgrades its map to 3D. More characters have also been added that will surely excite the fans, and they are Lightning of Final Fantasy 13, Tifa Lockheart of Final Fantasy 7, Kain Highwind of Final Fantasy 4, and Vaan of Final Fantasy 12.

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