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Samsung Nexus S Integrates NXP’s PN544 NFC Chip

Written on December 07, 2010 by Charles Bass

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"We are always looking for creative ways to enhance and extend the utilities of mobile devices with new technologies. With NXP's contribution, the introduction of NFC in Android provides developers, service providers, and device manufacturers a game-changing opportunity to deliver new services while enabling users to interact with each other and the physical world in ways previously not possible." - Eric Chu, Mobile Platforms Program Manager, Google

Last Wednesday, announced that it had developed its own NFC module, but today, we’ve just learned that it came late for inclusion in the forthcoming S. NXP Semiconductors came forward today with the proclamation of their direct involvement in the very first handset running 2.3.

The outfit’s PN544 NFC controller and accompanying open source software stack will be integrated on and they’ve both been validated on Gingerbread. We can never can tell what type of apps are in store for us to make use of this advantage, only time will reveal the whereabouts.

If you want to know the press release here’s the direct link.

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