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Sony A900 and A850 Firmware Gets an Update

Written on December 08, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Sony recently released a firmware update for its two top of the line Sony Alpha DSLR cameras, the Sony A900 and the Sony A850. It sure looks like an early Christmas present from Sony.

Owners of A900 and A850 are in for an early Christmas gift from , as the company recently released a for its two Sony Alpha cameras. The provides a more responsive and faster auto-focus system, increased exposure value compensation and bracketing settings.

The updated auto-focus system is made possible because of the improved AF motor control and smarter distance detection. The exposure value compensation also increased from ±3EV to ±5EV. This boosted EV compensation range gives extra headroom for high and low-key images composition. The exposure bracketing settings have also been increased for a maximum of 4.0 EV. This wider range adds flexibility when capturing multiple frames, and will enable users to utilize shutter release without attached.

The firmware updates are available via download to all registered users of and .

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