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Jolicloud Steps Out from “Netbook Only OS”

Written on December 09, 2010 by Charles Bass

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"There are about 100 to 300 million computers waiting right now for Jolicloud to reveal their full potential. We hope that you will help bring as many people as possible to Jolicloud and donate computers you don’t need anymore to schools, kids or people that could benefit from using a better interface to the web."--- Jolicloud

You had the first glimpse on this on , but now, every netbook or computer can get hands-on to the . The lets you experience an improved user interface. Among those features is a new set of desktop plus a simplified Facebook Connect login and a few slick tweaks. These features promises better performance and battery life compared to the previous version.

Jolicloud steps up to Google, and as the company bring the future of HTML5. Now the creative minds of the OS brings you the future now. A simpler and easier interface for a redefined web experice.

Jolicloud defined this experience as:

“When everybody talks about HTML5 as the future, we deliver it today, now and for everyone. But here is the trick, you should not be forced to buy an expensive device to benefit from these technologies. With Jolicloud, you just need to recycle any computer. We are on a mission to make quality computing affordable in the world and we are not accepting to play by the traditional rules that made change unavailable for years.”

Here are the highlights of what’s new with Jolicloud:

* Dashboard customization with beautiful background images
* Simplified access to the computer settings
* Ability to add any local app to your desktop from a Jolicloud device
* Faster sign up and login using Facebook Connect
* Improved user interface design

Happy Joliclouding!

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