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Optimus One and Galaxy S: No Gingerbread Update Yet

Written on December 10, 2010 by Adam Eve

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After HTC comes LG and Samsung. The update can't help but ask: Will Optimus One and Galaxy S receive Gingerbread iteration? Well, the company is yet to decide about it.

As 2.3 comes out in the wild, the update mess is back again! It was last Wednesday when announced on its Facebook Page that the will not be updated to Gingerbread due to its 600MHz processor. However, LG posted an official statement on their website that the information on Facebook was premature. Moreover, the fate of is yet to be decided until the official Gingerbread Compatibility Definition Document arrives.

feels the same way for its best-selling . The company is still waiting for the official requirements, will do some research on its overall effect in Galaxy S’ performance, then they will decide if there will be an update or not. Meanwhile, India posted a tweet saying that the Galaxy S will get a Gingerbread update.

Whether these devices will have an Android 2.3 update or not, that remains to be seen. Still, it’s hard to believe that LG and Samsung did not get all the technical information in advance. Most especially Samsung who happens to be the manufacturer of S.

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