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The Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Written on December 15, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft, once again, released a big batch of software updates for its various products. And while it is customary for Big Red, the company just delivered it biggest patch ever.

It’s the time of month again wherein delivered a number of updates for its products. However, Big Red delivered the largest number of updates in its December 2010 Patch Tuesday. Collectively, all updates apply to all versions of Windows, Office, Exchange 2007 and 2007. MS10-090 and MS10-091 seems to be the most critical of all the bulletins, and must be on top of the priority list.

MS10-090 is an update for all versions of Internet Explorer that includes a fix for the zero-day vulnerability, KB2459511. MS10-091, on the other hand, is for the OpenType Font driver. The shell preview of this functionality was added on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. Thus, users of this OS needs to apply the said update.

Other interesting vulnerabilities addressed, includes MS10-092, MS10-102 and MS10-105. The 092 is the last fix of the Stuxnet vulnerability, while 102 addressed the attack on Microsoft Hyper-V. MS10-105, meanwhile, fixes a flaw in the graphic of Microsoft Office. In addition to this, MS10-93 to MS10-97 addresses DLL pre-loading vulnerabilities in Microsoft software that came to light last August. This month’s Patch Tuesday simply implies that it is good to keep up with the latest software versions that can be beneficial to the overall performance of the system.

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