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Chrome OS’ Target Market

Written on December 16, 2010 by Adam Eve

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For an office worker or for someone who needs a computer but does not know how to use it safely, the Chrome OS might be the operating system that answers their problems.

Though is not sharing any secrets about its , there seems to be a type or person in mind for its desktop system. With the help of Linux desktop, looks like targeting two very different audiences. The first group is the office workers, while the second one are those users who really don’t know how to use a computer safely even if they are computer literate.

With Chrome OS, the company gets a 21st century version of a thin-client desktop. The idea can be traced back to the time of terminals and mainframe computers. CIOs and administrators yearn for it due to the fact that it puts information in charge of the office desktop. The security is set-up from a central control, then the management decides which applications can the user run. In the past, server proved to be a single point of failure. But Google will try to get this around by using its cloud services in lieu of servers.

The other audience is the type of people who have no clue on how to safely use a computer. They are a bunch of people who sees their desktop as a magic box. They can’t tell the difference between Windows and Linux, nor the variation of OS and web browser. That is why with Chrome OS, the web browser and the operating system is combined as one. Chrome OS also uses a sandbox security which ensures that no matter what a user clicks, he can’t install a malware or get into trouble.

Overall, the needs of these two audiences is what comprise a Linux-based operating system. An OS that is ideal for either office workers or for those who are susceptible in destroying their desktop.

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