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iPad Killers on the Loose

Written on December 17, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Tablets wars is slowly becoming a deadly game. It is a fierce competition that only the fittest can survive. To edge you up, Gadg brings you a round-up of some of the brands that are likely to become the next iPad killers.

Apple is the brand the redefined the world of technolgy. The company invented the iPod and portable music is never the same again. It was followed by the iPhone which brought huge wave to the mobile phone industry. Recently came iPad, and it turned the field of computers upside down.

The iPad caused so much hyped that people narrowed their tablet choice only to it. Looking at the bigger picture, there are actually hundreds of available in the market today that can compete with the features of the iPad.

To change such iPad mindset, Gadg listed down ten tablet alternatives which are also packed with features but with cheaper price tags.

Amazon Kindle

The device is a portable e-book reader manufactured by subsidiary Lab126. The software, hardware and network platform contained into it are developed by Amazon itself. The Kindle can utilize wireless connection to enable users to download ebooks, shop and browse digital media.

BlackBerry Playbook

The Playbook is a product of Research In Motion (RIM), a company known for the BlackBerry smartphone. It is the first tablet to have a measurement that is less than 10mm, 9.7 mm to be exact. The tablet will on the newly-developed BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Dell Streak

The tablet change its name to Dell Streak after dropping the name Mini 5. It uses operating system and considered as a hybrid between a smartphone and tablet PC. The table is capable of video calling and 3G phone calls.

The tablet is equipped with NVidia Tegra 2, 16 GB  internal memory and 1.3 megapixel camera. It is capable of almost seven hours of battery life which already include browsing and video playback.

Galaxy Tab

The Tab is an Android-based compact tablet computer manufactured by Samsung. It has a 7-inch touchscreen LCD, 1.3MP front facing camera, 2.2 MP rear-facing camera and capable of Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are rumors going around that Google and HTC are collaborating to create an Chrome OS tablet. With the success of their Nexus One smartphone project, there is no doubt that this tablet will bring a new hands-on web experience.

HP Slate

The Slate 500 made its debut during CES 2010. It run under Windows 7 OS and integrated with 3 MP camera and webcam at the front. It features 1024×600 pixel resolutionuseful for freehand drawing and illustrations.

PC Tablet

The tablet utilizes Windows 7 OS and launched late last year. It is equipped with Intel ATOM Z515 CPU running at 1.2 GHz, 1.3 MP webcam,l microphone and built-in leg stand.


Modbook is developed by Axiotron Inc. and released three years ago. It is a modification which can tranform an Apple MacBook into a slate-style tablet computer. In the future, a larger version of Modbook called Mobook Pro is set to be unveiled.

The Adam tablet is manufactured by Notion Ink and expected to be launched at the coming CES 2011. It runs with a customized Android OS. It is also the first device to have the Pixel Qi’s low-power, dual-mode display. Another attractive feature of the Adam tablet is its Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.


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