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Sony Supports 3D and Google TV Continuously

Written on December 22, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The 3D TV is not completely dead in the water. As long as there are Sony, Google TV and the 3D TV technology, the 3D will have its own market share. The only question is: How hefty will it be?

Considering how well-recognized Bravia is, it is hard to believe that the company’s television division lost for six years in a row. However, they are still hoping that and TV will soon make the company’s television division profitable. This year, Sony planned to sell 25 million TV sets. However, they fell short of that goal. Still, they are eying the TV platform as a potential big seller in the future.

As for its Sony , the company crosses their fingers that they can sell at least one in every ten units. Unfortunately, most people know that as a platform hasn’t hit the glasses yet due to lack of content and hefty price tag. If that will be the case, Sony’s television division must get its act together if they want to catch the leaders in market share.

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