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Worst Video Games of 2010

Written on December 24, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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The year 2010 was a stellar year for the video game industry, but impressive as it may have been, there will always be the ones that made eyes roll and made players waste valuable time. Here are the top 10 of the worst games of the year.

It’s a wrap here at the industry as the best of the best for 2010 have been release, reviewed and revered by gamers and experts around the globe. Dozens of sites have already proclaimed their top 10 for 2010, and doing another list may be redundant and unnecessary. So instead, we will sing the hymns of praises to the WORST games, the rightfully unsung games that we wished we never wasted five minutes or more of our lives on.

Here is the Top 10 list of the worst video games of 2010. We have the disappointments, the weird, the pointless, the , and the wtfs video games of the year.

10. CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW (PS3, Xbox360) – The Castlevania series always had that air of mystery and epicness floating about, but this installment barely lived up to the expectations of fans and players as you glide through linear, redundant game play which seemed to have been ripped off from God of War. Let’s hope the next one will do better.

9.  DYNASTY WARRIORS: STRIKE FORCE (PSP) – This is what happens if a game tries to copy ideas from a successful, more established games like World of Warcraft. Developers have noticed that the rewards system are a driving factor as to why players keep on playing certain games for hours. And so they gave the world Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force. Unfortunately, the gameplay is almost unbearable. Developers have forgotten that it’s gameplay first, before the perks.

8.  WAY OF THE SAMURAI 3 (PS3, Xbox360) – You don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what you’re fighting for, and you don’t know why they’re making you do things. No this isn’t the plot, it’s the game itself.

7.   2 (PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, NDS, iPhone) – This game is the worst video game adaptation of a film for 2010, bar none. It doesn’t even counts as a film adaptation. The only thing that made this similar to the Iron Man 2 Movie is the title itself. Even if the developers mentioned that elements from the movie and the comic book were meshed for this, the game barely gives any cinematic experiences at all. Game design is dull and the graphics failed to live up to the hype.

6.   XIV (PS3, PC) – Carrying the name of the most successful RPG franchise in gaming history, add that with pure Japanese ingenuity, and a budget that can probably feed an entire third world nation for a year, one might think that this is an MMORPG that can kill World of Warcraft. WRONG. Upon the release of Final Fantasy XIV, players were greeted with tons of bugs, weird game mechanics, and unexplained lags. Square Enix is right on the case as they try to cure this disaster with insurmountable patches and a refurbished production team. But I don’t think players will hold out much longer even with the extension of the free-trial period. This is another strike for you, Square Enix.

5. ATTACK OF THE MOVIES 3D (Xbox 360, Wii) – Ahhh 3D, everything seems to be in 3D these days. Movies, television, print and paper, and now, video games?! Oh wait, is it Attack of the Movies 3D? Crap. Don’t let the ‘3D’ word fool you. The 3D-ness of Attack of the Movies 3D is not, I repeat, not on the same level of Avatar or even Alice in Wonderland. But things do pop out thanks to the ancient of red and green cellophane. But everything else is not worth it.

4.  I’M NOT ALONE (PC) – This had alot of Resident Evil potential to it, but thanks to several bugs, glitches, lags, and fugly loading times. On the bright side, if you lived through the terrible problems this game has, then congratulations, you’ve just found out how effortlessly bland the story is.

3.  NAUGHTY BEAR (PS3, Xbox360) – Cute, cuddly teddy bears? Nice. Cute, cuddly teddy bears whose only purpose in life is to kill? We’ve got something going on around here! The concept and plot behind Naughty Bear had so much promise that it went as far as being a potential hit to gamers everywhere (well those who’d love those kinds of games, at least). But the game only delivered major design and combat mechanic flaws and puts players in a morbid, horrifying ordeal of killing other teddy bears who barely did anything bad. Naughty naughty.

2. PRISON BREAK: THE CONSPIRACY (PS3, PC, Xbox360) – When will game developers learn that a good TV series don’t actually translate into a good video game? Prison Break continues the streak of fail tv shows turned video game as this adaptation of a year defunct TV series fails to please gamers and fans alike. The game design is flawed from all corners as you run endlessly around gathering whatevers from wherevers. The environment and gameplay is as redundant as my daily servings of wanton noodles for lunch.

1.  : PARADISE (PSP) – To be honest I couldn’t have chosen a better game for the bottomest of the bottom (no sexual pun intended). Dead or Alive’s premise is pointless, take pictures of unpolished female video game models clad in skimpy bikinis then save it on your photo album. On what you’ll do with it, I’ll leave the imaginaning to you. No, there’s absolutely no gameplay involved except for the volleyball part, and the women there are barely attractive thanks to PSP’s graphics generator. This barely even passes as tiltilating porn or even plain porn. Everything is just a blah.

And so 2010 exits the scene on an impressive note with the best and the worst as we go towards 2011. Which video game do you think deserves a spot at this year’s worst?


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