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Useful Android Apps for People On the Go

Written on December 25, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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For alot of us, life seems to be in a constant subway train where it's crowded and always in motion. For Android users, it's a good thing several Android apps are here to catch up with us on our busy schedule as they help us get by the day.

There are over 80,000 out there in the market, and as much as we want to get them all, practicality tells us otherwise. So we’ve gathered here one of the best for people who are always on the go and would like to make them intact with their social circle or become more productive in their work. Remember that most of these apps need an active internet connection, but that wouldn’t be much of a problem now, is it?

/ – The only thing better than Facebook and Twitter is an application of Facebook and Twitter. Share some information, pictures, videos, and keep in touch with your friends online while you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a meeting at a client’s office. Just keep it in moderation though (good luck!).

– This award winning Android app is God-sent. Evernote practically becomes an extension of your brain as it allows you to take down notes, , and videos as it organizes them into anything you like. But probably the most amazing feature it has is the ability to read texts from you’ve taken. No time to jot down the address of a job listing or an apartment for rent? Just point and shoot and Evernote will record words within the photo and organizes them. It also syncs the files with your computer.

Foursquare – One of the most popular apps in any smartphone to date. It a geolocation app that keeps track of your ventures within a city. It also allows you to see what places you can eat nearby and much more. And if you’ve travelled enough within a certain location, you can become a Mayor of Foursquare. How cool is that?

Maps – If in the case you’re taxi driver gets lost or you’re the taxi driver, can easily show you the way.

Astrid – This is an amazing app that allows you to keep track of what you need to do today. It also has an engaging user interface as it politely reminds you that you need to pick up the laundry by 8.

New York Times – Read a critically acclaimed newspaper while on the subway and get updated on what’s happening in your home turf.

Pandora – One of the best ways to past time is to listen to music. Pandora allows you to streaming music. Just search for an artist or a song and it will create a playlist based on that search. And with the ads that run between every song, it’s just like listening to a real radio station! No, you can’t disable the ads.

Aldiko – More of a reader type? Aldiko gives you access to a great selection of books you can read on your smartphone. Its user-interface is really convenient as well.

Advanced Task Killer – Being on the go may mean you multi-task often. Having too many apps open is a drag. This is the best app to use when closing apps that are no longer in current use.

Barcode – Easiest way to pick up information or download apps using a QR code while on the go. A must have.

And so there we have the best apps to date for people who has no time to stand still. Ride the wave of your everyday life with these apps and see yourself be in control of what’s happening.

This is our list, but we’d like to hear from you. What’s your Top 10 apps when you’re on the go?


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