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Chrome OS: The Next Big Thing or Not?

Written on December 26, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Chrome OS definitely made a noise since its unveiling. Though still in beta, many were already wondering if the operating system can make or break it. Still, it is too early to make a chromey prediction.

After unveiled its , many alternating headlines came to the scene. Some says that faces serious risk of failure, while other thinks that the new operating system will succeed. So what will it be?

As Jason Perlow — a blogger at ZDnet — puts it: “If you know how to use a browser, you pretty much already know how to use Chrome OS.” If you are using Chrome on your chosen OS, then there’s not really any transition to the operating system. With Chrome OS, the browser is the operating system. So in one way or another, the Chrome OS will succeed. But if you asked whether the world is ready for it, that is another issue.

The Google Chrome laptop, , has its own flaws. By netbook standards, ’s keyboard are awesome and the touchpad is incredibly touchy. But MacBook Pro has truly superb backlit keyboards, and there are no touchpad tweak capabilities in a browser. When it comes to working on documents, Google Apps disable Smart or perfect fidelity when opening a presentation, and it’ll be tedious to edit the CSS for a Google Docs to get different line spacing.

Still, the seamless integration of Google Apps becomes a blessing if a person works in an environment that has embraced it, and has work flow that revolves around wikis and content management systems. With the Chrome Notebook, it is easy to standardize Google Apps as a platform, and fidelity is far less important than content and accessibility. But these kind of organizations is not yet around.

This approach will pass and most applications will make some built-in features like PowerPoint less important. In addition to this, Google Docs will have increased capabilities and fidelity. But until that day comes, the reach of Chrome OS in the enterprise will somehow be restricted. On a positive note, Chrome OS will have the capacity to compete against Windows, Mac OS and Linux when it becomes alpha. For now, the world still needs to catch up with the operating system and Google’s cloud-base approach to getting things done.


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