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World of Warcraft Survival Guide for Newbies (Part 2)

Written on December 27, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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We've taken you on a crash course on how to start the game, now we'll get a little more in-depth with three of the most important aspects you'll face as you go deeper into the world of Warcraft, the stats, the gears, and the talent trees.

Last time, we discussed the requirements you’ll need when starting the game and a quick look at how works in game. Now let’s move further as we discuss three things that you will keep on seeing even until the end-game or level cap. Only by knowing or mastering these 3 attributes can prepare you for the road ahead. Things are going to be a little advanced now so I hope you got your listening caps ready.


First we’ll talk about the stats or attributes. If you’ve been playing MMORPG or any RPG before, then you have a perfectly good idea what they are and what they do. There are basically 2 types of stats in World of Warcraft, your Primary or Base Stats and Secondary Stats.

Your Primary Stats give you an overall boost to your toons in terms of Health, Mana, DPS or Damage Per Second ouput and bonuses. The Primary stats are Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect, Spirit, and Mastery. Each stat gives your character an upgrade depending on its class. Certain classes do not benefit from certain stats, like Hunters do not benefit from Intellect. In a nutshell, Strength and Agility are for the physical damage dealers, Intellect and Spirit are for the spell casters and healers, Stamina is for defenders or tanks, while Mastery is a complex stat where any class can benefit from it.

Secondary Stats give you a more specific boost to your characters such as Critical Strike Rating, Haste Rating, Hit Rating, Spell Power, Expertise, and so on. These stats usually allow you to become a tougher damage dealer or spell caster, so read up on what these stats are and see which one benefits you the most.


Besides the story and the drive to ‘finish’ the game (note: this game doesn’t have a definitive ending. Sure you can kill the final boss, but that’s almost half of World of Warcraft), one of the best things that can happen to your toon is to have gears on the get-go.
Gears not only give you that awesome look, but they also give you stats to boost your character. Overall, we have 4 types of gears, the weapons, the armor, the rings, and the trinkets.

Armors are basically the overall equipment of the character from head to foot. There are 4 types of gear, although some class can wear them all, there are certain types of gear your character can benefit from the most. The 4 types are Plate, Mail, Leather, and Cloth.
Plate is the toughest among the 4 types aside from the usual base stats, it gives incredible armor and health. This type is worn by Warroirs, Paladins, and Death Knights.

Mail is gives decent armor that allows you to survive the harsh environment of Azeroth. This type is worn by Hunters and Shamans, but also can be worn by the 3 classes mentioned above.

Leather although a little weak when it comes to survivability, leather usually has other stats that give your characters that extra punch. The class that wear these the most are Rogues and Druids.

Cloth is the weakest in terms of defense, but gives healers and spellcasters the power they need for their abilities. Priests, Mages and Warlocks weare this kind of armor.

Rings and Trinkets are fun gears which give your characters a certain boost either permanently or temporarily.And Weapons, well, I don’t think we need to discuss what they are. They make you do damage either up close, ranged, physical, or magical.


Talent trees define the uniqueness of your character. It can increase the effectivity of your abilities, give you new ones, and much more depending on where you spend your Talent Points on.

This feature will be unlocked once you reach level 10. Once you’ve reached that point, you will be given a choice on which of the 3 talent tree you will follow until you’ve reached level 70. Each talent tree specializes in certain tasks or combat abilities that will make you useful in either solo or group ventures. You can be a healer, a physical or spell-type damage dealer,  or a tank that can take a barrage of attacks from enemies while your party burns them down. It will all boil down to what type you’d want to be as you shuffle around with quests, dungeons, or raids.

Watch out for the last part of the World of Warcraft for as we discuss the basics of professions, dungeons, and raids. Until then, keep on playing!


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