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Best Social Media Sites of 2010

Written on December 30, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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We can definitely call 2010 as the year of the Social Media sites as business, mass media, and personal communication have been defined by the websites that has already become an irremovable part of our daily routines.

has been on an incredible rise in popularity these days as they stretch beyond the confines of social interaction and transcend the age brackets where almost everyone who has an active internet connection uses it. easily makes it to the top of our list as they dish out the competition not only in terms of creativity and innovation, but also due to the immense web traffic it’s been receiving throughout the year indicated by

But who else made it into our shortlist? See the 5 best and most used Social Media Sites that defined 2010 after the break!

Facebook (550,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
Facebook has definitely changed the way we live and communicate over the years. The spawn of Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, Mark Zuckerberg, has been getting half a billion unique visitors every month. Most of the credit can go to Facebook and it’s users undying efforts to further push the limitations of what Social Media can do such as implementing user-generated content, partnerships with big brands, and so on.

Even though it faced alot of controversies over the years, Facebook will most likely cling to the top for a long time.

(89,800,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
Several months ago, had a firm grasp at number two. But now, the former Social Media king got 2nd place, but only by a hair. Twitter has become a popular culture icon that defined what people do today. It allows users to distribute and co-create information faster than anything we’ve seen. And by the way Twitter grew in terms of unique visitors this past year, it’ll only be a matter of time until it overthrows at number two, and who knows, Facebook as well.

Myspace (90,500,000 Esimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
Before the inevitable reign of Facebook, MySpace was on the top of its game by providing users unique and more user-generated content than its former competitor, Friendster. When Facebook arrived, it tried to ride the wave of trends as they learn from Facebook’s failures to improve their own site. But this last October 2010, MySpace has conceded in taking back what Facebook gained and decided to focus more on music and the younger audiences. It still ranks and impressive 2nd over the other social media sites out there, but it the future doesn’t look too bright.

(50,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
Having a more business-oriented approach, LinkedIn is on a league of its own as they steadily enjoy the growth granted by people who are interested in getting connections for professional purposes. LinkedIn still remains on the top on people’s minds in building networks that will enthrall business deals and employments.

(42,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
Ning is an online-platform which allows its members to build social networks on their choice of interests under their own choice of visual design and features. It’s a little more personalized than Facebook.


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