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iPhone 5’s Most-Wanted Features Part 1

Written on December 30, 2010 by Adam Eve

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As the year ends, rumors about iPhone 5 is getting hotter that ever. It seems like people have moved on with iPhone 4's crucial flaws. That being said, Gadg is giving you the five most-wanted features for iPhone 5.

A couple of months after released its iPhone 4, users started shouting out their complaints about the handset. It was on September of this year that the company was able to release some solutions to its iPhone 4 problems. However, during the last quarter of 2010, people started talking about the . And it seems that the rumors about the next iPhone version is soon to come to reality. But before that, Gadg listed its 5 most-wanted features for .

1. Removable Battery

Although it seems opposed to Apple’s current design principles, the well-known rendering of the next iPhone model dreams of a unit with a removable battery.


Rumors buzzing around pointed out that Apple is thinking of integrating the Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) into the iPhone 5. If this feature becomes true, the iPhone 5 will become a payment device, or even a car key. Don’t you think it’s cool?

3. HP Output

As of the moment, owners of any iPhone model cannot output 720p or 1080i HD video from their device. That is why potential buyers and users of iPhone 5 is looking forward for a HD output in the future.

4. Biometric Security

Apple has allegedly filed some patents related to the biometric security features. In case it’s real, this feature is a must-have for iPhone 5! Imagine if all you need to do is swipe your fingers, instead of entering a password, to unlock your phone. That would be awesome!

5. Built-in IR

Tech geeks will definitely like the idea of using iPhone 5 as their universal remote control. But it would be better if there’s no need to attach an IR dongle to the future handset, right?

Do you have some features that would like to include in iPhone 5? Perhaps Apple is listening, so fire it away by posting your comments.

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  • Ryan Graves

    Here’s what I really hope to see: 1) live wallpaper, 2) better battery life, 3) Flash support, 4) 4G capability, 5) less of a “brick” shape, 6) GREATLY-improved and less glitchy proximity sensor functionality, 7) no antennagate (of course), 8) Swype keyboard, 9) Voice search, 10) pinch-enabled zoom-out home screens, 11) better Push notification ability for email, 12) 64 Freaking GB!!! Now who’s with me?!?!? PS, I REALLY like the new design as pictured in this article, though I doubt that’s what it will be.

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  • Fanboy Hater

    An app that makes fun of all the sheep that keep buying Apple’s stuff…

  • Yup

    I absolutely agree with everything you said except number 5. What alternative were you thinking to the “brick” shape? I personally like the iPhone 4’s shape more than its predecessors.

  • M Gardezi

    iphone need gps technology too so it could work even wifi is not available



  • Leshta1

    it is the most beast thing ive ever seen exepet the removeable battery that suks

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