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Best Web Browsers for your Smartphone

Written on December 31, 2010 by R. Cruise

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What can people do with smartphones aside from making calls and sending messages? Of course, surf the Internet! However, it cannot be done without the help of web browsers. Gadg listed down the top ten browsers you can hook up to your mobile.

The arrival of the modern technology comes with a new purpose for mobile phones, that is as a tool to access the Internet. Now, you can browse the web like on a desktop counterpart. Of course, you can only do this through a web browser. These web browsers are designed to be functional on smartphones. They are altered to be mobile-friendly which make it slightly different from the originals.

If you got a new mobile phone or just thinking of an upgrade, read through the list of top ten browsers prepared by Gadg. See if which among these web browsers will bring you the ultimate online experience while on the go.

Opera Mini

This web browser is developed by Opera Software company and is offered for free. It was derived from its PC version called Opera Software. Opera Mini  acquires web pages from Opera Software’s servers which compress these web pages to fit on mobile phones.

This browser is developed by Bitstream Inc. and can be installed on handsets which are Java-based. BOLT Browser was created using WebKit which instructs engines to show web pages similar to those found on desktop computer browsers.


Developed by Skyfire Team, this mobiel web browser renders web page requests to a proprietary server and then shoots back mobile-friendly diplays. Skyfire runs on Google , iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian S60.

This web browser is a considered a must-have for Android users because it can handle Flash and HTML 5 sites without hassle. A bonus feature on  using Dolphin HD is the use of gestures to access specific websites. For example, the user just needs to scroll letter ‘F’ on the screen to open the Facebook homepage.

This broswer is designed by Mozilla Corporation and utilized the same Geeko layout engine  of Firefox 3.6. The features of the Mobile Firefox include location-based browsing, tabbed browsing, password manager and Firefox sync.

It was the iPhone which first made use of the mobile version of the Safari browser. Mobile Safari was able to exhibit display rich websites like Youtube on Apple’s mobile device. It also supports zoom feature and touch-based user interface.

The great thing about the Xscope is that it is not just a web browser for Android users but also a file manager. It initiates to close apps that are not in use. It also allows Youtube downloads for offline viewing.

Opera Mobile

This web browser is also developed by Opera Software company and used for various smartphones and PDAs. It is suitable for devices which run Windows Mobile, S60 and Symbian OS.

In the need for standard browser experience, this browser is the best choice. This browser features ‘go option’ on the address bar. It has also finger-friendly navigation buttons.

Google Android

This web browser comes free with Android and act as a native browser on G1. It features zoom capability, touch screen feature and display image-rich websites.


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