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Will a Nintendo 3DS be Worth It?

Written on January 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Nintendo has never been this excited about something since the launch of the Nintendo Wii. But now we'll judge if the Nintendo 3DS has everything in its bag of tricks for us to shell out $300 for a handheld console.

Very much like months before the Nintendo Wii was released, much speculations and anxiety grew around the gaming world whenever something relatively new broods around. The coming of the has alot of promise in a world where seems to be the emerging trend whether in print, television, movies, and apparently gaming consoles. But is owning a Nintendo 3DS really going to be worth it? Let’s jump into the fray as we get to know more about this life-changing handheld that will make us decide if it’s worth $300 (more or less).

It’s 3D!
We’ve got to state the obvious first. We have no real idea how the Nintendo 3DS will actually work and what it will look like until we’ve seen the real deal. But based on the hype and reviews from reputable gaming sources, I’d say the 3D will be like an orgasmic experience for anyone, much like how the Wii started out. This technological breakthrough might be as compelling as James Cameron’s Avatar and NOT M. Night Shymalan’s lousy, unthought of 3D version of The Last Airbender.

“The additional dimension of depth in 3D makes it easier for players to judge distances while giving developers a new tool to create games and experiences that play with both height and depth,” said Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

Improved version of and more
Most of the features of the 3DS are banking on the successes of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS. The touch screen is still there, so we might see some really cool 3D interaction. You can also play Nintendo DS games in the 3DS which is always a fun factor, allowing the people to easily make the transition from the old to the new. The controls are still the same, but Nintendo decided to add an analog along to join the bunch.

We will most likely see an improved graphics engine that will finally allow us to see some good visuals. Nintendo is starting to have a reputation of having the lowest quality of graphics in the market today, but things might change once 3DS is out. If not, perhaps enthusiasts will forgive the short comings thanks to the awesomeness of the 3D feature.

and Wi-fi
Gamers would love to have these accessories around. Although we’re not hoping the speed would go 4G or 3G even, the wi-fi feature as a way to download updates, patches, and addons for their favorite games. Downloadable stuff that shouldn’t take too much time downloading.

The 3DS also has a 3D camera. It has a top, front facing camera and also has a dual-lensed, true stereoscopic 3D camera on the back. Game developers would love to play around that option to make the games more personal for the consumers.

Stellar Support from Game Developers
One thing that annoyed me with the Nintendo Wii was it had boring games. But it seems Nintendo 3DS will break that mantra as several gaming companies showed support and interest in creating games for this unique handheld console. Gaming companies like Bandai Namco, Square Enix, EA Sports, Activision, THQ, and more.

Estimated to be around $300? Well if it’s a technological breakthrough and if Nintendo does a good job on their Nintendo 3DS Press this January, then I don’t think we gamers won’t mind. We’re buying history for only $300. It’s relatively cheap knowing that the original DS and even PSP were priced that much when they were released.

Final Verdict: Will I buy it?
If you have the money, then don’t think twice. Nintendo 3DS will be an amazing experience to everyone. But don’t expect it to have better graphics than any Sony spawn yet, since the 3D category is on a league of its own. We’ll be seeing more developments, more games, and more content as we push through with this historic console that will blow everybody’s minds away.


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