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World of Warcraft Survival Guide for Newbies (Part 3)

Written on January 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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On Gadg's last episode, we've given you a crash course on the things that make your character tick. We believe you are ready to face the more serious parts of the game as we wrap up this survival guide with the dungeons and raids.

So now that you’ve gotten your gear and have meddled with your talent tree for a bit, it’s time to go beyond your daily quests and adventures as you dive into ’s dungeons and raids. These two are probably the most essential aspects of the game that have kept gamers spend incredibly long hours of playing for years. And now Gadg will introduce them to you. You are not prepared… are you?


Dungeons (also known as “instances”) are zones where your character can progress deeper into a particular storyline. But that’s not exactly what we’re after. Other than the satisfaction of knowing more about the Warcraft lore, dungeons are also a place where high-level enemies dwell. These enemies give a huge amount of XP points that can speed up your leveling. However, the enemies here are hard to do alone, so a group is often required to complete it.

Dungeons can be accessed by going to their entrances by foot, or you can do it the easy way using the Random Dungeon Finder. The Random Dungeon Finder is a great tool that allows you to queue up on a dungeon instance, and groups you up with other players across realms to participate.

The Dungeon Finder groups players depending on their role in the party. There are basically three roles in a party of five: the Tank or the player that can withstand immense damage and still stay alive; the Healer or the player that can heal the party as they take damage from enemies; and the DPS or the players that can dish out damage to the enemies as the tank tries to take in the damage. Every role is important and sometimes hard to fill in due to player availability. So whenever you queue up in the Dungeon Finder, don’t fret when the wait time can be as long as 20 minutes. But by the end of it all, the rewards can be pretty sweet.

There are also quests available inside dungeons, so look out for the yellow exclamation points whenever you’re in one.


This may be a little too advanced for the beginners, but Gadg will put it here anyway. Raids are like dungeons, except the bosses are much harder and it takes longer to complete compared to the dungeons. Raids usually need ten or more players in a group to complete which usually comprises of two tanks, three healers, and five DPS (though numbers may vary depending on the strategy). Raids usually are your final destinations in an expansion, as you face off with the primary boss of the game such as Illidan or Ki’ljaeden of , Lich King of , and (most likely) Deathwing in .

The gears that drop in raids are one of the best in the entire game, but getting in one is really hard. So keep on leveling until you reach the level cap, grab the best gears you can get from quests or dungeons and practice well on your class. It won’t be long until you’re raiding with the pros.

So that concludes Gadg’s three-part survivor guide. If you want to know more about certain aspects of the game, or if you want tips and tricks on a specific quest, dungeon or raid, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and follow us on Twitter.

Until then, keep on playing!


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