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No Need for a California Video Game Law

Written on January 04, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Is the decision of what video games titles should the teens play be made by the government or parents? Activision Blizzard Incorporated Chief Officer George Rose believed it is the latter.

George Rose, executive vice president and chief public policy officer of , voiced out his displeasure over the new Californian legislation which can make selling video games featuring violent content to minors a criminal offense. Rose shared his insight about the issue in an editorial printed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Furthermore, Rose said that there is no need for a law on video games since companies are willing to work with Congress to formulate strict rating system.

“So for the underage kid whose parents don’t approve of a mature-rated game, buying on the sly at a major retailer is virtually impossible (already),” Rose wrote. “It makes no sense for California to put in place a costly state bureaucracy to replace a privately funded system that is working.”

The boss of Activision Blizzard Incorporated put the blame on the outdated reports and studies which tackle effect of violent video games to teenagers. Rose pointed out that the video game like Postal is wrongly used as an example for questionable violent material. He added that many things have changed and parents now are more aware that games like this are for more mature audiences.

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