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Kinect Sold 8 Million Units

Written on January 08, 2011 by Charles Bass

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"We predicted we'll sell about 5M of Kinect sensors... We beat that... We sold over 8M sensors worldwide." ---Steve Ballmer

Congratulations ! Despite the issue with regards to the Windows Phone 7, need not to feel down. Why? Their console, Kinect, sold 8 million units.

Steve Ballmer boasted that Kinect surpassed their predicted sales of 3 million. “We predicted we’ll sell about 5M of Kinect sensors… We beat that… We sold over 8M sensors worldwide,” he said.

It seems that the sales is still surging up and the company reported sales of 2.5 million units in less than a month. According to Microsoft’s big boss Steve Ballmer, the company has already sold 8 million Kinects all over the world.

Additionally, the company also revealed Kinect’s newest feature. The fresh feature called lets users control their avatar via Kinect’s motion sensing camera. He also said that Netflix and Hulu Plus will soon land on .

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